Scattered Pieces

These are the words I held back

A Bittersweet First Semester

I know it’s quite late but this is what I felt as I was writing down this post sometime in January this year.

I made it. Oh my goodness, I actually survived the first semester with good grades. I’m definitely happy but something’s missing.

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How I Feel As A Wanderer

1842812-outsider-Stock-PhotoI always feel so different among my peers. I can’t relate to any of the stuff that has them talking be it in the form of TV shows, celebrity gossips, trending video games or plans for hangouts. If there’s a topic that I can relate to, which are mostly intellectual and quite personal, I need to take time to think about what to say next or where to direct the discussion. Continue reading

Adjusting in Med School

Tough. Challenging. These are two words that can accurately describe how my journey in medical school is going. The first few weeks were really difficult for me as it was the period of adjustment. I had to adjust to a new schedule, a new system and a new environment. Gone were the days when I had half-day classes for majority of the week. Gone were the days when my time was free for me to spend it on anything. Gone were the days when I wasn’t surrounded by roughly the same people for the whole day. Continue reading

The Journey of my Faith

April 7, 2015. I was watching a TV show when I felt a sudden urge to check my school’s online portal for grades. I had been uncomfortable the past few days because my grade in Organic Chemistry, a subject I found difficult back then amidst hours of studying, was due for release. For days I had been praying hard for at least just a passing mark but it was not meant to be. I sulked about it for days because my applications for med schools were going to be affected and it was already the second time I flunked a class. I was so hurt by everything. My intentions were sincere and I was left wondering if my prayers just fell on deaf ears and if there really was a God in the first place. Continue reading

11th Hour

Med school is just a month away and I can’t stop thinking about what’s gonna happen in the next four years in terms of basically everything. Social life, grades, resources, time management, rest, the people I love. Everything. Continue reading

On to the next hurdle

Med school is coming up in a few months and there are two things that I can’t stop thinking day by day: getting over the anticipated demoralized phase and the adjustment phase Continue reading

A Questionable Decision

Yesterday I received an email from one of the medical schools I applied to, the Ateneo School of Medicine and Public Health (ASMPH). I was able to qualify for the interview phase, but was unable to make it to the final list of accepted applicants for the coming school year.

I immediately made a letter of appeal for reconsideration after seeking advice from a current professor in the ASMPH. I submitted the letter to the Admissions Office on March 13, 2017 and I regularly called their hotline to get updates. I was informed that decisions on appeals will be emailed personally as soon as the committee has a decision hopefully by April 5. On my second call, I was told that they will probably email decisions to those who appealed (not accepted) and to those who were waitlisted (accepted, but placed on the waiting list) at the same time. Continue reading

To the one who always feels lonely

Everyone has their own fair share of ups and downs in life. For some people, however, it feels as if there’s just too much sadness in their lives. You may feel as if your existence is defined by the pain that only subsides once you temporarily leave the realm of consciousness. It may seem as if the soul is wandering along a tunnel in what seems to go on and on.

These feelings are valid; they will always be. We are all going to get hurt one way or another, which allows us to feel our own pain and nurse the wounds inflicted to us. Continue reading

Lost In Life

Yesterday we went to an outreach program hosted by my aunt. The event took place at a public home for girls who were either picked up from the streets or left by their parents who could not take care of them. When we arrived, they were all in the mess hall having a snack and they were just about to finish. We spent a couple of minutes watching and entertaining some of the kids before we all went to another room where the program was supposed to be held. Continue reading

Quick Update

Hi all! I apologize if I haven’t been updating my blog for the last two months as I have been busy juggling academic work, org work and most importantly my preparations for the National Medical Admission Test (NMAT).

Anyway, the NMAT took place last Sunday which means I now have more free time on my hands. Hopefully I can update you all regularly with the latest development (I actually do plan on writing a new blog post right after this quick message).

That’s all and hope to see you around!