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Monthly Archives: January, 2015

When Forgetting isn’t an Option

When someone commits an offense against you the typical thing to do is to forgive the person and forget about what was done. Sounds simple, right? So how come some of us just can’t seem to do that? What factors come into play in this phenomenon? The intensity/impact of the situation? The reputation/s of the …

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An Uncommon Characteristic

If there’s one trait that I don’t normally show then that would be my tendency to be extremely competitive. In most occasions I try not to actively participate in games. However, things are quite different if I find the game interesting or if the desire to outperform others is very strong. When that happens I …

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Recipe: Potato Soup

Recently, I started cooking for the family. It all started during our semester break. Back then, I had nothing to do so I decided to look at the cookbooks in our kitchen. And before I knew it, I found myself preparing appetizers and entrees for the family. This recipe I am about to share is …

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