Scattered Pieces

These are the words I held back

An Athlete’s Tale

The runner swiftly ran past her opponents, which caught them off-guard.

“Hey!” one of them shouted.

She ignored them and continued running, despite the cold atmosphere of the environment. No, she could not stop now. Not when she was so close to victory. Besides, she lost her previous competitions due to complacency. She had once felt that she could afford to catch her breath because it seemed that her opponents were still far away. Because of that complacency her opponents caught up with her, leaving her hungrier for victory.

Somewhere in the area she heard a bell. She knew what it signified. A bell was usually heard whenever she participated in such competitions.

Eventually the finish line came into sight. It wasn’t quite visible yet but she still recognized it. And why not? She had seen it many times already and that was enough for her to identify all its defining characteristics.

A lot of thoughts were running inside her head but she knew better. Again she could not waste even just one second while she was in the competition. One second could affect her chances of winning the competition. Her thoughts would have to wait until she emerged victorious.

She was just a few steps away from victory when she felt a terrible yank from behind.

“Damn it!” she whispered. Her opponents had caught up with her again. And in the next instant she found herself trapped between a woman and a man’s bulk. Despite being overpowered the runner continued to struggle to break free from her opponents.

“Let go! Don’t you guys know that this is cheating?” she shouted them.

She soon felt a sharp and stinging sensation. She stopped moving and stared at the man. In his right hand was a hypodermic needle. An empty hypodermic needle. The stinging sensation and the empty hypodermic needle were enough for her to put two and two together. She had been drugged by her captors.

“No one’s cheating at this hour, young lady!” the man replied sternly. “And you just calm down! This is not doing you any good at all.”

“You cheaters will never win!” she swore. “Even if you do your reputations will be tarnished. You won’t…”

But then the medication from the hypodermic needle began kicking in. The lights started spinning, the walls began weaving, and her legs suddenly felt like jelly. They threatened to give in at any moment. Her captors guided her to a wheelchair and started bringing her back to her room. They carefully placed her drugged body on the bed and soon left the room.

Despite the comfort that the hospital bed provided the young girl struggled to get up but to no avail. Her entire body just would not cooperate. It seemed as if every part of her body had turned to stone. She could not even move her hands.

With a defeated sigh, she gave up. She had been defeated again but it did not mean that her spirits had been dampened. She knew she would emerge victorious someday. For now she had to cooperate with the staff while she came up with a new plan.

Someday she thought as a thick and gluey sleep took over.


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