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Monthly Archives: May, 2015

A Living Paradox

With school out I have found myself often reflecting on my life about a lot of things. In the end I always come up with something I want to do about my life. Ex: Throughout my stay in college I have never been active in any organization so I realized that I should probably change …

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60 Days

“What should I do in order for us to be together?” I asked the girl of my dreams. “Sing me a song for 60 days and I will be yours.” she said with a smile. And that’s what I did. For 59 days, I came to her house and sung her songs at night. On …

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A Test For Mommy

“Mommy!” Angela, aged 4, shouted as she rushed to her mother’s room. “Yes, sweetie?” her mother asked. “Mommy, let’s eat!” Angela said while tugging at her mother’s arms. “Sweetie, can we do that later? Mommy still has to finish something.” her mother said. “Please, Mommy?” the child pleaded. “Sweetheart, please? It’s important that I finish …

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