Scattered Pieces

These are the words I held back

A Test For Mommy

“Mommy!” Angela, aged 4, shouted as she rushed to her mother’s room.

“Yes, sweetie?” her mother asked.

“Mommy, let’s eat!” Angela said while tugging at her mother’s arms.

“Sweetie, can we do that later? Mommy still has to finish something.” her mother said.

“Please, Mommy?” the child pleaded.

“Sweetheart, please? It’s important that I finish this right now. Why don’t you go ahead and eat? I’ll be down in a few minutes.” her mother said.

“But Mommy….I fixed dinner for you….please?” the child tried one more time.

It worked.

“Oh, alright.” her mother said.

They got to the dining room in a few seconds.

“Oh, this baby of mine. Did you really prepare this all by yourself?” her mother asked in awe.

“Of course!” Angela replied enthusiastically.

“Really? Mommy’s quite hungry already, actually. Let’s eat together?” her mother offered.

Her mother sat down on one of the chairs and reached for one of the viands covered by a large plate. Slowly she took away the plate to see what her child had prepared for the two of them. It was a frog. She screamed and nearly fell off the chair. That made her daughter erupt in laughter.

“Angela! What has gotten into you?” her mother cried. “Why did you have to do that? Do you want to scare me to death?”

Angela ignored her and continued laughing. Clearly she was amused at what she had done.

“Don’t ever do that again, okay? Don’t you know how dirty that frog is? You could get sick, Angela!” her mother added.

Still her daughter continued to ignore her and kept on laughing.

“Why are you laughing? Aren’t you listening to what I’m telling you?” her mother said. She was starting to get frustrated.

“I’m listening, Mommy!” Angela replied with a huge smile.

“Then why are you laughing?” her mother asked.

“Because my teacher just told us that if your mother scolds you, then it means that she loves you so much. Mommy, that is the reason why I’m happy right now because I know that you love me very much!” Angela said, still smiling.


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