Scattered Pieces

These are the words I held back

6 Life Realizations Of A College Senior

We’re all slowly inching towards graduation and here I am looking back on my college years which has been one big roller coaster ride.

It’s been always like this for me. When something is about to end I take some time and look back at everything that has happened. I went through all the memories: the good ones, the bad ones, the ones worth remembering, the ones I wanted to forget. In the end I came up with 6 life realizations that summarizes my entire college life.

1. You have to do what makes you happy….

…because people will always find something say no matter what you do. Your generosity could mean that you care for other people but others could perceive your act as a sign of boasting. On the other hand your assertiveness could mean that you are rude but it can also mean that you just have good communication skills.

BUT you should first know whether what you are going to do is right or wrong. Don’t push through with something if it makes you happy but will hurt others.

2. When you want something, go after it.

You’re not gonna get that A by slacking off in class. You won’t get to meet a lot of friends if you refuse to speak up or if you’re just gonna wait until someone decides to approach you. Your relationship with a person from the other gender won’t go deeper if you keep on treating the other person as only a friend. You’re not gonna get answers to certain matters if you don’t ask questions. You’re not gonna get that highly coveted position in your organization if you don’t make an effort to show others why you deserve that spot. You won’t get to experience once in a lifetime opportunities if you refuse to go out of your comfort zone.

Having a particular goal or dream in mind is great but don’t just let them remain as goals or dreams. Your dreams aren’t gonna become realities on their own.

3. Some friendships just die.

College is an opportunity for you to meet new people and be friends with them. Sometimes, that’s the problem with college. You end up having too many new friends. As a result you find yourself unable to communicate with all of them. Sure, you’re friends with all of these people on Facebook but you don’t really get to converse with all of them, right? You will have a lot of friends but some will stand out. Usually, those who stand out are the ones whom you will most likely hang out with because you often see them compared to everyone else. Aside from that you share the same interests compared to everyone else.

And what happens to the rest? Nothing. Your friendship with them isn’t progressing into a deeper level. Don’t worry though because they’re probably hanging out with other sets of friends. You won’t actually notice the lack of communication until you see each other again. And when you see each other that’s when you may realize that things are different now.

4. Rules are rules.

You can try your best to get the sympathy of authorities but don’t expect them to give you special considerations when you’re in hot water. I’m not saying that these kinds of people are evil. It’s just that their work has them bound to the rules of the institution and not following these rules could put their job in peril. If the rule states that plagiarism merits a failing grade, then you get a failing grade for plagiarism. It’s that simple.

5. Your teachers love you more than you think.

You may not all agree with me on this because of the personal characteristics of a teacher but let’s all put that aside for now, shall we?

Our professors could have chosen not to teach at all. They could have chosen to be writers, musicians, doctors or lawyers. But no. Here they are in our university teaching us about things that we will remember for life (like laws), things that we will be using in our future careers and things that our parents did not teach us when we were young.

Add to that the fact that not much money is earned in teaching and that most of these people could have been better off teaching their own kids.

6. No one goes through college unscathed.

You can stay on top but not all the time. At one point, you will have to fall.

You could get straight A’s in one semester and then get a failing mark in one of your classes after one semester. After getting lucky with the professors from the previous semester you could have a professor who’s pretty bent on making your life miserable. Your girlfriend/boyfriend since freshman year could break up with you leaving you heartbroken. You could experience being an outcast after a major disagreement between your peers.

For quite some time you’ll be at the bottom before you find yourself back on top again. Be prepared, however, because it’s a cycle. You will fall down again.


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