Scattered Pieces

These are the words I held back

Three Weeks Later


It’s been three weeks since I last updated my blog and I feel that I should let you guys know what has happened to me lately.

Days after my post on 12am thoughts I was occupied in increasing traffic to this blog so I resorted to sharing my blog on several platforms. I didn’t have a lot of stuff to do back then so I was mostly in front of the computer.

That was the calm before the storm.

After those days my life became busy. I would often come home on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays tired and hungry because I really don’t have time to rest with all the demands that I have to meet. I do have a break which only lasts for an hour and a half but I can’t really use that break to catch up on sleep. Instead I use my only break to work on what needs to be done. Before, I would often procrastinate since I could afford to do so. This time around, however, I cannot so I try to work on something if I can start on it already. That way, I would have less stuff to do when I get home late in the afternoon. Less stuff means I have more time to prepare for the next day, rest or do whatever I want so there.

Mondays and Fridays are considered my breathers because those are the days when I can go early. By lunchtime, I am already at home resting temporarily because I know I can’t slack off even if I have a lot of time for the day. Since the weekend is approaching, I assign myself tasks on certain days. I could do this part today, that part on Saturday and so on. Often, I stick to this but I sometimes find myself doing and finishing everything by Friday or Saturday. Everything is done but I’m still tired coming into Sunday :). I’m not complaining though. Monday can still be considered a weekend since there’s almost no work assigned on Mondays.

Aside from the workload, another interesting thing is the increase in the population of our environment. My goodness, it feels as if 1000 people have been added which makes the whole place overcrowded. Gone are the days when you can appreciate the silence of the whole place at 7 in the morning. Gone are the days when traffic was still manageable. Gone are the days when you can still walk swiftly without bumping into a person.

Today you have to walk as if you are participating in a rally. Traffic is so bad that you have to wake up at 5 in the morning if you don’t want to be late. People are always blocking the hallways regardless of what time you go and you can no longer appreciate nature when it’s still early in the morning because the chattering of people and their footsteps prevent you from doing so.

This change has affected me in two ways. First I no longer see my friends because of the overcrowding (but I sort of like this because it teaches you to be independent and not to be overly attached to your friends). With a relatively tight schedule and the overcrowding it’s hard to look for my friends in the crowd because it looks silly scanning one face after the other. Also I am already busy looking at my watch as I am forced to walk slowly from one room to another. Note that I am only given several minutes to do this so I think you can imagine my anxiety as I do not like being late. Second I always find myself looking for alternative routes where less people pass. I really don’t like being in a place with so many people because it generally makes me uncomfortable.

This kind of lifestyle will continue for a few months so I apologize in advance if I might not be able to log in and post so much.


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