Scattered Pieces

These are the words I held back

The Awakening


I was always made to believe that kindness is something that is inherent in people and that they are capable of showing this to others. This is a life teaching that I always brought with me throughout the years which is why I always like to believe that there is somehow a measure of kindness and empathy within the hearts of all kinds of people. This teaching enabled me to extend my patience and tolerate acts which are directed against me and my community. I guess you could say that I was quite an optimist back then.

But this thought, which has been my life mantra practically throughout my life, is slowly being replaced by negativity as I continue to mature. As I grow up, I am continually exposed to the other side of life. The side of life which all my teachers have failed to show me when I was younger. The side which depicts a society that is bent on carrying out their personal interests regardless of whether it is at the expense of other people or not. The side of life that exists behind a overly romanticized portrait of the world where we live. As time goes by I slowly undergo a process of intellectual reawakening. I am becoming aware that I exist in a world where widely held ideologies don’t match with widely occurring instances. As an example, most countries, if not all, strive to achieve world peace and this can be done if everyone is united with one another. Growing up, however, we are conditioned to believe that all human beings are unique. How then are we supposed to come together as one society if this is contradicted by a belief such as this?

The process of reawakening is quite excruciating. As the days pass by I continue to be rejected, to be betrayed and to be predisposed to experience negative emotions such as rage, sadness and emptiness. The sources of these come from different people like my parents, my house helpers and even my friends. It feels as if I am trapped in a realm where pain and suffering know no bounds as these continue to occur over and over again at the hands of people whom I treasure deeply. The heaviness in my heart is so immense that I sometimes have to take a few moments to regroup and compose myself. It is a pain that I have never felt anything like before given my inclination to push suppressed feelings into further suppression. Yes, it is that strong.

There are moments when I want to cry but I find that I am unable to do so. It seems as if my tears have run dry and all that’s left is nothing but grief that has evaporated into nothingness. Perhaps it could be due to the fact that I was already aware of society’s true colors but this knowledge had been scraped off my brain as teachers and parents, who in themselves are also immoral in their own ways, attempted to mold me into an overly optimistic person.

This is all water under the bridge now though as I am starting to awaken. I have seen the alter ego of this society as well as its intentions. The phenomenon is comparable to a person being stripped off his/her clothes. Society puts on a variety of clothes in order to mask what is not readily seen by the naked eye. Society attempts to justify their immoral acts in order to avoid labels such as “greedy”, “lustful”, “selfish” or “proud”.

My drive/motivation to be a person for others is slowly diminishing as the scenes of a society characterized by inhumanity continue to play out in front of me. I am inclined to become cold and calculating as I realize that I am going to continue to experience everything: the rejection, the sadness and the emptiness. The need to adopt a cynical and critical view towards humanity arises. After all, why should these people deserve my kindness if they themselves cannot be kind towards me?

Yet there seems to be something holding me back from doing these completely. I realize that doing so would make me no different from the people I have come to abhor. I would only be mimicking the actions of those who have hurt me and I would only be inflicting pain on an unsuspecting person who has no ties with me. I do not want to become that person but I do not want to be the person on the receiving end of all the painful experiences.

As I end this entry the question of what really is the awakening becomes a central issue to talk about. One can claim that my realization on society being wicked is the awakening after living in a world of good ideals but maladaptive practices. However I think that the true awakening happened when I realized the implications of my being cold and distant towards society in general. Yes I got hurt but retaliating would make me no better than the rest. It is for this reason that I choose not to return the favor of what everyone involved has done to me.

This does not mean, however, that I will be stoical amidst all this. I will nurse and lick the wounds which have been inflicted by different kinds of people. I will live in solitude and attempt to look at the meaning of these experiences which will hopefully pave the way for the development of resilience towards negative events in life. Finally I hope to have better resolve in my character which I believe should be equipped with rich knowledge and experience from the past.

Good luck, self. You have a tight task ahead.


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