Scattered Pieces

These are the words I held back

On to the next hurdle

Med school is coming up in a few months and there are two things that I can’t stop thinking day by day: getting over the anticipated demoralized phase and the adjustment phase

Anticipated demoralization. That’s what I call it after accepting my fate that I will not be studying medicine in my dream school. Don’t get me wrong, okay? I am demoralized right now, knowing that so many of my friends will be studying in top medical schools or their choice of medical schools while here I am forced to stay in this one medical school where I don’t even see myself being successful.

But that’s one half of the equation. What I’m anticipating (but hoping it won’t happen) is when things finally become too much for me and I just start losing it. It’s the point where everything comes crashing down. The heavy workload of medicine in general, the lack of rest, the feeling of loneliness (maybe), the realization that most of your friends are in better medical schools, the realization that you’re not really a bright person.

In my mind, the logical side of me is telling me not to make a big deal out of this whole situation.

“Hey, self, don’t think about the whole “you’re no good” just because you’re in this school while others aren’t. Our goal is to become a doctor, not a branded doctor. Does it really matter if you come from a particular school? Well maybe now it does, but in the future? I don’t think so, man. We’ll all be doctors no matter what! Chin up, man!”

I’m completely aware of that and I think it’s a good thing that there’s a part of me that’s already looking on in the future.

But I also can’t just ignore the reality of the present.

There’s also me thinking about the adjustment phase because we all know that medical school = new environment = new people = adjustment…again. I have already accepted the fact that I don’t possess the qualities that society wants. I’m not outgoing, people oriented, very involved in the real world and I definitely don’t see myself doing something about it soon. I just wonder how long it will take me to adjust to a new environment. Also how am I going to adjust? Am I going to be that person who will desire company but will also be a slow to warm up person? Or am I going to be that independent person who will be seemingly better off on his own (but not really)?

Only time will tell.


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