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In Pursuit of our Highest Potential

I’ve been deleting my old tweets from my personal Twitter account for the past two days. The decision came by impulsively as I was considering a fresh start or perhaps a life with  less social media accounts to handle. Facebook, Messenger and Telegram are the three apps that take a significant chunk of time because …

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Adjusting in Med School

Tough. Challenging. These are two words that can accurately describe how my journey in medical school is going. The first few weeks were really difficult for me as it was the period of adjustment. I had to adjust to a new schedule, a new system and a new environment. Gone were the days when I …

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Lost In Life

Yesterday we went to an outreach program hosted by my aunt. The event took place at a public home for girls who were either picked up from the streets or left by their parents who could not take care of them. When we arrived, they were all in the mess hall having a snack and …

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For The Sake Of My Future

Yesterday, I went to school to pass a letter signifying my intent to take extra classes for the first semester. These classes are going to be credited but are not going to be part of my degree since I already graduated with one. The deadline for such requests was last June 30 but the staff …

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That’s the one word that can accurately describe how I’ve been feeling for the past few weeks. I’m not quite sure where this came from but I have a feeling it was a result of several negative experiences (like having your things stolen by a loved one. I’ll talk about this in a future post). …

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The Clash of Science and Religion

Last week, one of my cousins opened up to my parents, an aunt and an uncle about what’s been happening to her for the past two months. It turns out that my cousin has been seeing a psychiatrist for the past two months. The psychiatrist diagnosed her with depression with anxiety and has begun prescribing …

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When Forgetting isn’t an Option

When someone commits an offense against you the typical thing to do is to forgive the person and forget about what was done. Sounds simple, right? So how come some of us just can’t seem to do that? What factors come into play in this phenomenon? The intensity/impact of the situation? The reputation/s of the …

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An Uncommon Characteristic

If there’s one trait that I don’t normally show then that would be my tendency to be extremely competitive. In most occasions I try not to actively participate in games. However, things are quite different if I find the game interesting or if the desire to outperform others is very strong. When that happens I …

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