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These are the words I held back

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In Pursuit of our Highest Potential

I’ve been deleting my old tweets from my personal Twitter account for the past two days. The decision came by impulsively as I was considering a fresh start or perhaps a life with  less social media accounts to handle. Facebook, Messenger and Telegram are the three apps that take a significant chunk of time because …

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The Journey of my Faith

April 7, 2015. I was watching a TV show when I felt a sudden urge to check my school’s online portal for grades. I had been uncomfortable the past few days because my grade in Organic Chemistry, a subject I found difficult back then amidst hours of studying, was due for release. For days I …

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Lost In Life

Yesterday we went to an outreach program hosted by my aunt. The event took place at a public home for girls who were either picked up from the streets or left by their parents who could not take care of them. When we arrived, they were all in the mess hall having a snack and …

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Ghost of the Present

Sometimes I’m just really tired of living because of the different layers of negativity clamping down on my soul. There’s the complicated dynamics I have with my parents, the frustration I have with my friends and then recently the death of a good friend. For now the issue with my friends and the death of …

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The Awakening

I was always made to believe that kindness is something that is inherent in people and that they are capable of showing this to others. This is a life teaching that I always brought with me throughout the years which is why I always like to believe that there is somehow a measure of kindness …

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12am Thoughts

Most of the phrases below are thoughts that have been lingering in my mind for the past couple of weeks. A lot of these thoughts have almost made it to Twitter but I have ultimately decided not to tweet them. I am sharing these unspoken thoughts here because I personally hate expressing most of my …

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They say that you should always take opportunities to meet and get to know other people who come in to your life. Personally I would have to agree with them even if I really want to say the opposite. People, even if they say they are isolated or disconnected, are social creatures. They can sever …

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A Living Paradox

With school out I have found myself often reflecting on my life about a lot of things. In the end I always come up with something I want to do about my life. Ex: Throughout my stay in college I have never been active in any organization so I realized that I should probably change …

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When Forgetting isn’t an Option

When someone commits an offense against you the typical thing to do is to forgive the person and forget about what was done. Sounds simple, right? So how come some of us just can’t seem to do that? What factors come into play in this phenomenon? The intensity/impact of the situation? The reputation/s of the …

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