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These are the words I held back

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11th Hour

Med school is just a month away and I can’t stop thinking about what’s gonna happen in the next four years in terms of basically everything. Social life, grades, resources, time management, rest, the people I love. Everything. Advertisements

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For The Sake Of My Future

Yesterday, I went to school to pass a letter signifying my intent to take extra classes for the first semester. These classes are going to be credited but are not going to be part of my degree since I already graduated with one. The deadline for such requests was last June 30 but the staff …

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A Tough Road Ahead

I am all alone in my room where no sound can be heard except for the steady humming of the AC unit and of course the sound of my fingers typing on the keyboard. As I look around me I cannot help but be unaccustomed to my environment as I keep on looking for chaos …

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A Precarious State

Hi. It’s me again after a few months of being inactive. Before anything else, allow me to tell you about what happened since my last blog post. The past three months have been tough. Because of the number of units I am taking for the semester I had to let go of certain activities such …

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Three Weeks Later

It’s been three weeks since I last updated my blog and I feel that I should let you guys know what has happened to me lately. Days after my post on 12am thoughts I was occupied in increasing traffic to this blog so I resorted to sharing my blog on several platforms. I didn’t have …

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Coming back from school

What it feels like to get back to school

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